Thursday, September 18, 2014

9-5: Daily Desk Essentials

On days I'm not at a meeting, wine tasting or out at a vineyard (I know, it's soooo rough), I'm usually posted up at my desk arranging export tours, pushing out press releases, working on event logistics or creating web content. I'm not much for sitting around all day, but duty calls, and I do get by with a little help from my friends. Here are a few of my "must-haves" to get through a work day.

Don't mind my dying orchid, we're in a heat wave and it's mad.
I have some balancing oil in there too, it's great for our diffuser before meetings.

Living Nature Lip Hydrator

This isn't your average lip balm! A conditioner and primer in one with the perfect amount of moisturizer that lasts for hours on end. This is what makes it great alone or under your favorite lip product. Featuring Manuka Honey and nourishing butters, it's certified nautral and free of synthetics, preservatives and chemicals - safe enough to eat, as all lip product should be! Supple and smooth, all day every day. 

Dr. Bronners Organic Fair Trade Hand Sanitizing Spray

Touching my keyboard, shaking hands when people visit, grabbing files, etc. There is always a need for hand sanitzer and I am especially keen on Dr. Bronner's. This spray smells of fresh lavender and dries quickly. It's also Fair Trade and Organic, so not only are they doing right by the farmers and workers who make the materials, they are doing right by me by killing my germs with ingredients I'm good with - water, alcohol, glycerin and lavender - that's it.

Soap & Paper Factory Neroli Hand Cream

I'm never more aware of how dry my hands can get then when I'm using them to type all day. I make it my routine to sanitize then moisturize. This hand cream brings me so much joy just by looking at it, with it's cute, retro packaging, but it's what inside that counts. Pure and velvety, it smells of fine neroli and soothes and protects my hands. Free of parabens, phthalates and petroleum. Not animal tested.

Lotus Wei Inner Peace Energy Mist
Talking about multi-tasking, I use this as a room spray, face mist, perfume, someone cooked broccoli in the microwave again fixer... it's genius. This balancing spray not only smells of calming lavender, vetiver, geranium and all spice, it's great to use as intended to bring us back to a grounded place. I like to give the office a burst when we're under deadlines, about to catch a conference call, or any time we feel anxiety (This is also wonderful post-partum). It has a cumulative effect, so the more you use it, the more it works. Certified organic, free of artificial fragrance, phyhalates and petrochemicals.

Southern Firefly Candle - The Perfect Pair
Southern Firefly makes some of the best candles in the world, IMHO. Ones that instantly transport you with their scent experience. Their natural soy wax burns clean and gives you hours of amazingness. I have one at home that represents Kentucky (yes, Vanilla Bourbon), my birth place and then this one, The Perfect Pair, on my desk. For those of you who don't know, TPP is my favorite store in Nashville. Name given, you can find the most awesome footwear here, I'm talking rustic, badass boots and glam wedges, earthy leather sandles.... the options are endless. And let's not forget the most ecletic and artisan hand made jewelry, accessories, gorgeous handbags, on trend yet luxurious clothes. I just can't stop. Thank God owner Whitney is a gem and allows me to call things in, or I just might die. Follow them on instagram @theperfectpairnashville!

* Tidbit: Painting your nails at your desk (if permissable) is an awesome way to go about it, I can go right back to typing and by the time I'm usually done answering emails or finishing up a piece, my nails are completely dry!

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