Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dr.'s REMEDY: Rescue Your Nails From Chemicals

Let's get back to the basics, shall we? 

I'm sure I've mentioned how much I love nail polish, and it used to be about 3 brands that ruled my ever-expanding polish collection. However, with the emergence of improving technology and 3-free and 5-free brands, I find myself opening up to a whole new world.

L-R: Calming Clear TopCoat, Hydration BaseCoat, Balance, Cozy, Playful

One of those 5-free brands you should definitely consider is Dr.'s REMEDY Enriched Nail Care. It's right there in the name, nail CARE. This brand was created by Podiatric Surgeons trying to address the needs of their patients in a two fold manner. They had those who were coming in with brittle, discolored nails for a myraid of reasons, but often associated with the use of harsh chemicals found in nail polish. I mean, we all know this to be true, but we overlook it for the sake of pretty toes and fingers. And yet if you have unslightly nails, you likely want to cover them up. So, the solution was a special blend of ingredients including wheat protein, tea tree oil, garlic extract and lavender. Natural substances and not a hint of formaldehyde, fh resin, toluene, camphor or pthalates or DBP.

What a novel alternative to traditional formulas, and they come in 30 beautiful shades!

Here I tried the polish in Playful, such a fun pop of summery, feminine pink!

I had the opportunity to try this line and I was really quite taken with the performance. I used the Hydration Base Coat, polish and Calming Top Coat. The application is smooth, not too thin or transparent and the brush is really effective. 2 coats and I was covered. For a regular manicure (ie: not gel manicure) it lasted me 3 days solid, and on the 4th I noticed a little tip wear. But no chipping, it just started wearing back from the edges, so no unsightly cracks or flakes missing. I attribute the gradual wear to the Hydration Base Coat, my nails had moisture, so the dryness wasn't letting the polish pop off in large chunks. I got a good 7 days out of it before I felt the need to repolish and my nails weren't any worse for the wear, which is a win in my book! (Toes are still as perfectly polished as the 1st day, why is that?!)

I'm looking forward to fall, where I'll get a lot more wear out of Balance and Cozy, and I'm thinking Revive and Noble are next on my list. Dont' you just love their names?!


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