Wednesday, August 20, 2014

5-Free Fun: Ella+Mila

More new 5-Free goodness, this time with adorable marketing: Hello, Ella+Mila.

Mommy&Me Duo

This brand is fun, embraces the love of polishing and joy of motherhood alike. I mean, take a look at their Mommy + Me sets, which pairs a big and mini bottle (and a little sheet of decorative stickers). You can buy presets, customize your own or just snag a single. I was lucky enough to try the Mommy + Me set sent to me (of course, not having a little girl I tried them both) and was pleasantly pleased. Adding to my pleasure is the fact that this polish line is 100% vegan, never animal tested, made in the USA and as I said, 5-Free.

Me: "Wheels on the Bus", Mommy: "So in Love"

The formulation is a tad thicker than most polishes, but that works out well in the coverage and pigmentation department. With some colors you definitely could go one coat, but always wanting more, I went for 2. The brush provides even distribution and man, does it dry fast! The only problem I had, if we're calling it a problem, was if I didn't clean the brush after every swipe, the polish that stayed on the brush got a little gunky, messing up my application. No problem, just dip, wipe both sides on the bottle and dip again to apply. Ella+Mila polishes give a rich, lasting manicure for at least a week. It seems to rank pretty high in the non-chip department, but I also used a top coat, which I always recommend.

L: "So in Love" without flash and with flash, R: "Wheels on the Bus" without flash

Their color range is a mixture of elegant and spunky, with plenty to choose from in between. I love their LOVE collection, and can't wait to get my hands on some of that SAMBA. Oh, and follow them on Instagram (@ellamilapolish) for some really fun nail art inspiration!

Cute little stick on flower designs!

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