Monday, July 21, 2014

The Holy Grail of Faux Tans is Here

I know, that's a pretty serious title, but I sincerely mean it from the bottom of my naturally pale skinned heart. I have tried so many tanning products in my lifetime, some good (that you can read about here), some bad, some definitely ugly (and smelly) - but recently, I've been on a roll for self tanning items that seem to be topping each other one after another.


First, let's just talk about how real this Austrailian company is. They don't try to be overly fancy and they put it all out on the table, everything they use and everything they don't. I, for one, appreciate transparency when slathering a product all over my body. They do their best to educate on organics, restating that just because a company states that they are organic or use organic, doesn't mean they don't also use nasty synthetics - which doesn't fly with ECOTAN. Round of applause. They also choose to be cruelty-free, sustainable and GMO free. Standing ovation.

Secondly, the source of the rich, beautiful color that comes from using their products is Cacao, which means green or orange undertones aren't going to surprise you when the color develops.

On to the product...

Invisible Tan

This moisturizer (it's actually highly moisturizing) nourishes your skin as you apply to clean, dry skin. Easy peasy. I typically do this after an evening shower and sleep in it to wake up glowing. Don't worry, no staining of the sheets. And let me tell you (again) - I have never been happier with the beautiful, honey tan that emerges! 

(Swatching - L: Sunlight, R: Indoors. Trust me, all over and it is gorg!)

I'm naturaly pale with olive and pink undertones - and freckles, go figure - and the result looks like I just got back from a weekend beach vacay. Never have I seen a streak or even harsh edge, it blends so well, and it lasts for a solid 5-7 days. I know it must fade, but I never notice any signs of actual fading. 

At $44 dollars a bottle the math goes something like - if the tan lasts a week, I'd say there's months and months of gorgeous tan in this bottle. Now, your asking if it smells... Not really. The lotion itself goes on with a Roseflower scent and there may be the faintest lotion scent in the morning. Oh, and bonus, you can use this on your face as well - I, at least, didn't breakout. You guys, I'm telling you, this is the best tanning item I've ever used.

NOW, one reason it might last as long as it does is that I use their Extreme Exfoliant Glove. This is also a MUST OWN, even if you aren't interested in tanning. I've been using this during every shower and my skin tone (especially in more prior sun exposed areas) is looking so much more even. The glove increases circulation in those cellulite prone regions (who, me?) and sloughs off any dull, nasty, dry skin so you really do look heathier and glowing. It feels so good. I would highly recommend this purchase alone and definitely in addition to (combo pack, anyone?) if you want to achieve an even, flawless tan.

What's that third item in the photo above, you ask? Deodorant. I'll be doing an overall Deo Recommendation blog coming shortly, so stay tuned on that. In the mean time, please try ECOTAN and spread the word. Looking healthy and feeling beautiful, while doing right by your skin - WIN WIN.

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