Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Suncreen Scoop: How SPF Could Harm You & Natural Sunscreen Options

Summer is here, well - depending on where you live. June enters a foggy, cold phase for us here, or better known as "June Gloom", but thankfully we live out in a valley, so we get some pretty decent escape. Rambling aside, it's time to consider sunscreen options for you and your little ones.

I am no pioneer in this area, but I will serve as a messenger. To shorten the schpeal - if your sunscreen has anything other than Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide as the active ingredient - it's crap. Throw it away right now, because studies are now showing that those other chemicals are just as guilty of causing cancer (not to mention endocrine disruptions) as they are of protecting you from it. Research it and you'll read more than you ever wanted to know. 

This tends to be a pain in the sunscreen department. We've gotten so used to our posh spray sunscreens, anti aging sunscreens, etc - and little did we know we were probably doing more damage than good. Zinc Oxide, albeit better than the solid white streaks we grew up with, is hard to apply and has that white/blue sheen - but it's doing it's job and won't be absorbed into your body. Titanium Dioxide is also a "physical sunscreen" and not absorbed into the body, but still a little chalky. They're derived from different natural substances, but not scaled down enough to enter your blood stream like those other nasty chemicals - so I'll take it.

BUT let me just tell you, rubbing a ZO based sunscreen into your childs scalp to protect his little head is AWFUL and will leave him with bedhead for days. We've tried hats to no avail. And to rub it all over my surface area might as well take a whole bottle! I've flirted with making my own (see Wellness Mama's Recipe) but it doesn't spray particularly well, and I am human with a love of convenience so I have searched high and low for a natural spray that we could use making this protection a bit easier. I've found some great ones, so save yourselve the search and check out my recommendations:

Goddess Garden Organics

You seriously can't go wrong with a company who's slogan is WTF is in your SUNSCREEN! They offer the full range of lotion and sprays for kids and adults with only the proper active ingredients, and the rest 94% organically sourced. We love the Kids Natural Sunscreen Spray bottle, it's easy to target fast, little movers. The Sport also works well for fast-paced husbands! And mind you, this isn't going to be like the chemically based items, because it's not chemically based, so you may have to do some rubbing - but it's much better than the harm done otherwise. Don't forget to reapply.

Honest Company

We're loyal Honest Company consumers. I did have their chemical free sunscreen in the Honorable Mention section below, as it does a fine job, though a bit thick... BUT Honest has been upgraded with the introduction of their spray sunscreen. I can't say enough about the protection duration and ease of application! And we love that it can also be included in our Essential or Diaper Bundle, which makes it easy to order and keeps extra on hand. The sunscreen stick is mighty handy too for faces and high exposure areas of all ages!


I really like Sunology as a company and product-wise, even if they don't have a spray option, their formula seems to rub on a little easier than others. Their Kids Natural Sunscreen protection level is a bit larger at SPF 50, but if you care to research the insane math equation on how SPF levels protect from the sun, be my guest, but it's maybe 1% better than an SPF 30. You can order free samples from the company and try them for yourself - which themselves make great travel packets!

Honorable Mention:

California Baby

Summer Blend SPF 30 is one of the better smelling sunscreens on the market (though you can get unscented - I just personally like the smell), you can choose from a range of SPF's and sensitivities. Allergy tested and approved by the AAP. Does a wonderful job and you can always count on their list of ingredients to be up to snuff. If I'm not able to order any of the above, I always grab this at Target - and it's also great to ship to your destination via Diapers.com.

I'm sure there are many other viable options out there (and I'd love to hear about them), just make sure you inspect your labels. I urge you to always protect yourselves and your babies from harmful rays and over exposure - a little Vitamin D does a world of good, but Melanoma can be fatal - and looking like a leather handbag is never going to be in style.


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