Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Best Thing I've Ever Found in Nashville (Besides My Husband)!

While recently visiting Nashville on my annual trip home (I don't mean for it to be annual, I swear, life has taken a hold of me this past year)  - I fell in love. But of course, not with a person because I have the most wonderful partner in the world, but with a something.

You see, when I go to Nashville for any extended period I tend to stay with one of my best friends, Andrea. She has two girls under 5 and a large home, so there's built in entertainment and I don't feel like I'm putting her out too much (oh, and I adore her and her family)! While getting ready one morning she casually mentions that she has found a natural deodorant and it just may be better than Lavanilla! GASP. I should have kicked her to the curb, but alas, I was in her house, and she would know because she's a Lavanilla believer like me - so I knew there was merit to this claim.

Andrea shows me this delicate little flat tin and immediately I'm pondering how what's in that pan is going to get in my arm pits... knowing me all too well, she says "like this" as though she's saluting Katniss Everdeen with her first 3 fingers, swipes it and rubs it in her armpits. Ohhhhhkay. She's just showered so I guess it's all good. So I wince and I try, and much to my dismay, I loooooooove. 

It's not only a love at first swipe, because I adore anything lavender, but as the day went on I did not feel at all as if maybe I should reapply (like with Lavanilla, sorry). And it was a good test run, because I was sweating... that afternoon I was stuck in an airport with a past-bedtime child waiting on a delayed flight and then in a closed up plane on a tarmac for 4 hours in an ice storm with aforementioned one year old. So, it works ladies. I got back to Andrea's that night after rescue, and didn't even feel one bit conscious about my smell. SOLD.

Made with (all certified organic) coconut oil, shea butter, arrowroot, aluminum free baking soda, and lavender essential oil.

So as normal people do when stranded in ice for 3 days, the very next day we set out in the coldest, most frozen weather in history to Leiper's Fork (Franklin, TN) where Village Apothecary is located. I obviously needed some deodorant of my own before my next attempt at returning to California and this is where it's made. Proprietress and Aesthetician Melissa Vines opened the store just for us, and she's as delightful as they come. She'll show you around her cute storefront and you can even pop your head into where the magic happens because she's got nothing to hide. Everything is organic, essential and not at all chemical laden. I was in awe of not only her ease, but the ingredients I found: coconut oil, vanilla, essential oils, sea salt, cane sugar, aluminum free baking soda, a pinch of heaven.

If I'd had more time and my luggage wasn't already ahead of me in California, I would have bought one of everything, but carry-on rules applied. I wanted to give a few things a run before buying her out, anyway ;) and Melissa was sweet enough to ship my selections to me. I grabbed deodorant, lavender scrub, a scrumptious Southern Firefly candle in Kentucky scent (shout out to my home) and San Francisco decorative matches. 

I'm also a sucker for personal "thank you" notes!

The scrub is AMAZING, and has all of 4 organic ingredients (cane sugar, sunflower oil, lavender, vanilla absolute) that you can read and understand. It leaves the skin so incredibly soft and moisturized and glowing - all while promoting cell turnover. You can choose coconut mint, honey, lavender... or whatever fits the season and her creativity at the moment.

Melissa also carries pure argan oil, cleansing oils, and a youth oil that smells divine! Mamas - she has herbal baby powder, pure baby butter, calming oil, chest rubs. I'm serious, I'm obsessed with everything she makes and the fact that you can watch her make it, know everything that's in it and you are purchasing from someone with a heart for purity and quality products. 

I hate to be a fair weather fan my dear Lavanilla, but Village Apothecary has definitely got a devoted deodorant fan in me already, and as soon as I run out, a sugar scrub fan too. I can't wait to update you on new purchases and products as she's always playing with great formulations. But in the meantime, I promise, if you purchase the deodorant, you will be a convert too!

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