Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vega One and Done! Whole Nutrition Made Easy

Let's talk about convenience.

I work full-time. Grant it, some of those days are at home, but I still have to work. The other days, my darling husband, whom I could burn holes through with my eyes as he saws logs while I'm rushing around in the mornings, said to me, "You sure get a lot done in the morning..." You see, he works hard so I'm always easy on waking him. Therefore, I get up extra early if I'm going to shower (hardly), nurse our son, feed him breakfast, play with him, get ready for work, put him down for a nap, prepare his meals for the day, feed the dog, gather my stuff for work and I'm out the door. This tacks on a good 1.5 hours to my pre-baby routine. I'm usually late.

If I'm lucky, while I'm feeding baby breakfast, I'll throw back a pack of granola or whole grain english muffin with almond butter - but honestly, I barely get through the whole routine without regrettably looking at my full cup of cold coffee sitting on the vanity as I scurry out. And that hurts my soul. I need that coffee, but sometimes it just doesn't happen.

Enter Vega One

Vega One, no matter which flavor you choose, is comprised of clean, plant-based nutrition made from minimally-processed, all-natural, nutrient-dense ingredients. Just one serving (scoop) contains 50% daily value of vitamins and minerals, along with 15g protein, 6g fiber, 1.5g Omega-3s, antioxidants, probiotics and greens. That's more than my muffin, granola or coffee, that's for sure!

Now, why am I not drinking something that gives me all of my daily vitamins? Those products do exist, but for me, I want the balance of vitamins and protein. Breast feeding literally ate me alive, I had the hardest time keeping my muscle, so for me that is a key component. Also, fiber and probiotics... maybe in my earlier days I would have laughed, but I'm going to take all I can get in digestive health! 

Oh, and one big thing, I'm a vegetarian who is lactose-intolerant and reacts to soy. Most protein powders aren't vegetarian (please don't make me explain how or why), so I was missing out on supplement options, but Vega One is completely plant-based, and free from dairy, gluten and soy. So if you are vegan, dairy free, animal free, gluten free - drink up sista! 

Now, lets get past all the mumbo-jumbo, how does it really taste? 

My favorite is the Vanilla Chai. The vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon melds well with the earthy ingredients so it makes for a pretty nice flavor, it's almost a little bit salty, but in a good way. Is it the best thing you've ever drank? No, but you'll get through it. I've come to crave it. If you combine it with vanilla or regular almond milk (sweet or unsweet), its even creamier. I tend to add it to the unsweetened vanilla almond milk, so I don't get all of the added sugar and calories, but it adds some sustenance. If I'm feeling really fancy, I'll use sweetened vanilla almond milk, chia seeds and few cubes of ice in a blender - watch out now!

Chocolate is okay. It kind of taste like brownie batter, but before you get all excited, I mean that in the way that you can taste the chocolate, yet you can also taste that funky raw flour and egg part too. The earthiness is pretty evident. Plus, I adore chocolate, so it's hard to drink something you know isn't going to be as good as the best chocolate you've ever had. You know? 

French Vanilla is also fine, a little bland but totally drinkable. I'm sure you could jazz it up with a juice, almond/hemp milk, fresh berries or something. I just think the Vanilla Chai works better with the spices, it has more depth if you will. 

Berry... do yourself a favor and just skip it. 

Bottom line, when I'm in a hurry (which is always), I can throw a scoop in a shaker and drink on the way to work or at work. It's easy, it's nutritious and it's filling. I feel better, I have energy, and I'm regular - whoooohoooo! I only wish I'd discovered it right after baby when life was a whirlwind and I needed the ingredients even more! 

It's not one of the many "drink your greens" marketing ploys, it was created by a professional ironman tri-athlete because he wanted to be able to perform (Hello, new mom!), while still knowing what he was ingesting, especially if you have dietary restrictions. You don't have to guess with this, you'll just get a complete drink to build or maintain a healthy active body and mind set. 

I think the only glaring downside is it is expensive, but you're getting quality from a sustainable, conscious company. If you wanted to get technical you could cost compare to your normal breakfast foods and this as a replacement, but I'm too lazy! You can often google shop it and compare prices, I but I usually stick to the main website because I know how fresh and authentic the product is. Oh, if you sign up for the newsletter you'll often get coupons, recipes, free cook books and a lot of other supplemental tools to help your health journey!

Want to learn more, here is a great FAQ that covers everything!

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