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An Honest Review: Honest Company Essentials

UPDATED 9/1/15: New products and upgrades!

I try to make the best choices I can for my family, I really do. Doing the research, reading the articles, steering clear of this, infuse more of that... but none of us are perfect and it can be exhausting. Especially with me working full time, I simply don't have time to search the internet deciphering ingredients and deciding which product is best. Wouldn't it be great if there were a place to go where I just knew the products were safe, quality made and in a wide variety - Oh, that's right, there is. 

The Honest Company, founded by Jessica Alba, either has a loyal following or a cult of bashers. I've never understood the polarity. If you want to get knit picky, their products could be cleaner. But for that to happen this would have to be a small batch operation with "use by" dates, higher prices and so many other small intricacies. Because they are trying to reach a commercial level and main stream approach where a wide variety of consumers have access to quality, non harmful products, they have subbed out the toxins and put up some pretty good products. So when I say they could be cleaner or more natural, please understand that they've still done a fanastic job with their line and you or your family won't be paying for it with your health. Knowing that takes the guess work out of shopping for the every day essentials when you know it's comprised of quality ingredients and missing the really icky ones.

Back to business - Many people use the Honest Company, for their super cute diapers, us included. But my favorite use is through their Family Essentials Bundle program. For $35.95 we get a delivery every month (or whatever increment you choose) of 5 non-toxic, high performing products like dish soap, laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, hand soap, fruit wash, sunscreen, etc. Anything from baby, to body, to home - I can switch it up every shipment, add a few more if needed, or stick to my standard five.  At this point, I think we've tried almost all of their offerings and in general I'm pretty happy with the products and definitely the program. 

How old is this photo?!

I'm going to do a run down of what I consider the best with a blurb if needed, to take the guess work out of selection for you. That way you can decide if its worth signing up, too! 


  • Makeup Remover Wipes - No scent, no burn, nothing but goodness for a Mama who can be lazy about washing her face or needing extra oomph to remove that eye makeup.
  • Hand Sanitizer - BEST EVER. A little goes a long way and after it dries it's actually moisturizing.
  • Dish Soap - Cleans wonderfully with a light scent, few spots.
  • Fruit & Veggie Cleaner - Plant based and cuts through waxes and pesticide residue.
  • Lip Trio - Deeply hydrating, smooth, sinks in and love the scents. Having 3 is nice, I mean have you EVER used an entire tube before losing it?
  • Hand Wash (Foaming, too!) - Plethora of scent options, protects and cleans, always get compliments when people come over. Lemongrass is probably my favorite.
  • Bug Spray - Bugs be gone with essential oils, DEET FREE!
  • Laundry Detergent - Unscented, gentle yet somehow improves the quality of our laundry, eliminating even the stinkiest of smells. 
  • Oxy Boost - Serves as a water softener, stain remover, whitener and deodorizer without harsh chemicals, fantastic.
  • Multi-Surface Cleaner - Clears dirt, grime, grease, germs, muddy paw prints and smells fabulous. I can't tell you how many bottles we've gone through.
  • Glass & Window Cleaner – AMEN! Yes know its mainly vinegar and I could make it myself, but it's such a great alternative. No streaks and can be used as an antibacterial surface spray for pretty much anything.
  • Floor Cleaner – Cleans dirt, smells good, but not too overpowering.
  • Rinse Aid - Seems to work just fine.
  • SPF's - Mineral, baby-safe, chemical free, no smell - perfection. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.
  • Breathe Easy Rub - Smells like heaven, great for congestion, coughs, sniffles or overall crankiness - for the whole family.
  • Healing Balm - Great option made of essential oils, we all use it in place of Aquaphor.
  • Diaper Rash Cream - Definitely works for us, without the heavy Desitin smell, protects the skin and allows it to heal.
  • Organic Baby Powder - Talc free. Absorbs moisture really well, has definitely helped with our rash frequency.
  • Soothing Bottom Wash - Where has this been all of my Mommy life? Smells so good and is a dream when you have those overnight or messy poops that are just STUCK. Also great to clean hands or feet in a jiffy.
  • Bubble Bath - Not overly scented or filmy like other options, our boy loves these bubbles and no skin irritation in sight.
  • Kid's Toothpaste - Have you ever read the label on regular children's toothpaste? THE HORROR. This actually taste pretty good - a nice, refreshing strawberry flavor.
  • Kid's Multivitamin - I love the thought of whole food supplements and though I don't think they taste very good, my son begs for his "Bytamin" every morning. 
  • Prenatal Vitamins - Go for the Complete One A Day, unless you like swallowing 3 pills instead of one. They are both a bit large, but they taste like rice krispies, so I can handle that. *In all of the vitamins there are little, harmless moisture absorbing packs. I threw mine out the first time because they kept coming out in my hand... KEEP THEM IN. Or you will have soft, icky vitamins, especially the children's.
  • Wipes - These wipes are wonderful. They get the job done with proper thickness, wetness and no chemical smellness. We use them for everything. Around the house, for us, the dog, in the car, etc. 
  • Feminine Products – I like them all actually, a little clumsy in some of the packaging, but sans the terrible chemicals and highly absorbent.
  • Nipple Balm – Sweet relief.

Pretty Good

  • Shampoo & Body Wash - Gentle, smells great, I just prefer other brands but the hubs loves it.
  • Face & Body Lotion - Same here, hydrating, but I'm hopelessly devoted to some other brands.
  • Organic Body Oil - No hype, but no complaints. Keeps your skin really soft and supple.
  • Stain Remover - Works well, but sometimes when I really need magical powers, other brands go the extra mile (I actually like the Buggy Love version).
  • Dish Brush - Works just fine, not made of plastic.
  • Swim Diaper - Adorable little option for first swimmers, can't say why it isn't in the Excellent list, but what's a swim diaper to do anyway.
  • Baby/Toddler Multi Powder - We used this after we weaned, it seemed to go over well mixing in cereals and coconut milk, but as soon as we could move to the chewable we did.
  • Spray Deodorant - Keeps smells at bay for at least 8 hours or more, even worked on my husband. You will need to reapply more often, but I found it sprayed evenly and the scent was very pleasant.
  • Bar Soap - It's nothing to write home about, but it will get you or anyone else clean without chemicals and without stripping your skins natural oils.


  • Dishwasher Gel & Pods - Unless you're into pre-rinsing, maybe skip this option, na scrub, grime busting product.
  • Dryer Cloths - These are supposed to be reusable, but they get all shreddy and I just don't see how.
  • Bathroom Cleaner - I really like the smell of this, but sadly it didn't budge our soap scum or water spots. And in my mind, sometimes life calls for bleach. If there's one thing I want germ free, it's my bathroom. 
  • Toilet Cleaner - ...toilet included.
  • Toothpaste & Mouthwash - I'm just not sold here. I'm sure they work as necessary on a bacterial level, but I don't feel like these make my morning clean mouth happen. I'll stick to my Fig + Yarrow
  • Organic Shave Oil - I got this for the husband and he didn't like it, said it wasn't helpful and it took quite a bit to just shave his face. I adopted it and use it for my legs and armpits, but I agree, it's not proving to be special and it’s such a tiny bottle and takes quite a bit.

Haven't used these, I'm sure they're wonderful.
  • Organic Belly Balm
  • Conditioner
  • Conditioning Mist
  • Sea Salt + Sugar Scrub
  • Scrubber Sponge 
  • Laundry Pods - it's just my calculation that you get more bang for the buck with the liquid.
  • Immunity Boost, Immunity Defense, DHA/Omega-3
  • NEW Formula, Baby DHA and Lactation Support (I am so impressed with Honest for providing this!)
  • Soy Candles
  • Gear & More

We do use their Health & Wellness Bundle (great discount for whole food supplements), and as I mentioned, and we used their diaper program for almost 3 years until potty training. I really liked their diapers because the smell of chemicals in other brands really bothered us and I just wasn't cut out for cloth diapers. They are plant-based, chlorine free, and while they do contribute to this planet's waste issue, they break down faster. We maybe had 3 blowouts these diapers couldn't handle.

Also, Honest has SUPERB customer service -  you can cancel bundles at any time and if you have a question, concern, or are ever not completely happy, they will refund you or give you something else. Knowing they are a growing company, they take feedback very seriously and are appreciative of their customers. I firmly believe they believe in their mission and they work towards making improvements all of the time! Little goodies and promos also show up in your shipments as a thank you, while not necessary, totally appreciated. 

Again, we aren't at all sponsored by Honest or given products, this is something we choose to purchase because it's made our lives much easier - and less polluted.

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