Saturday, February 23, 2013

Master Morning Sickness - or at least find relief!

I love this post, not for it's subject matter, but because it was inspired by a sweet girlfriend of mine, whom I recently found out was expecting! (My lips are sealed, so don't ask!) But she's right at that delicate beginning stage riddled with, you guessed it MORNING SICKNESS. When she messaged me about what I did to combat nausea, I'll admit, it took me back because once on the other side you almost get amnesia about the pregnancy part - and hopefully one day, the birth part! 

Now, I know they meant well when they named it morning sickness, because of the flux of hormones when you wake - but it's definitely a misnomer since it can happen any time of day, or all day, every day.  It's a tough task when you have to go about your life as normal, and even more tough when you haven't exactly spilled the beans about your bun in the oven. I used the excuse of being hungover (definitely was NOT), I was on "strong antibiotics" that made me queasy (I also used this when friends wondered why I turned down a glass of wine), I think I'm getting a bug, etc. No matter the excuse, it's a highly annoying (in a very blessed, grateful way) to feel like you're going to yak at the drop of a hat or that lingering "let's just get it over with" nausea - but since it's hormonally induced, there isn't much you can do to cure it. I'm no doctor, but some of these really random tricks provided some semblance of relief when I was expecting, so I'm passing it on to you mamas-to-be! 

These cute little lollipops (or they come in drops if you prefer) are a mixture of essential oils, natural flavors and colors, citric acid and some cane syrup to deliver quick relief.  They come in a variety pack or you can choose a singular flavor pack.  I always went with the variety because I never knew what would rub me the wrong way that day, so it was nice to have options. I got packs of both Preggie and Queasy, and honestly I don't know the difference other than the flavor variety, so just pick which sounds more appealing to you. Now, these aren't the absolute yummiest suckers/drops I've had in my life, but that is NOT the point here, they are good and they get the job done. I don't even know how many of these I went through, but they're worth it.  They can be found at Target and CVS at times, but it was never consistent so I just ordered online.


The little man at the deli by our house always laughed at me when I plopped Altoids, Mentos and Lifesavers by the bundle on the counter - but he was sweet enough to finally excuse me from the $20 debit card minimum rule, though I could easily go through that many peppermints.  I had them in my purse, the desk at work, the console of the car, by my bed, the living room, my pocket - never far from reach because nausea would sneak around the corner and capture me and I needed relief fast.  Peppermints are a natural nausea remedy and I found that the less sugar a candy contained the better - so Altoids were perfect because they were strong, to the point and an inexpensive option found anywhere. Not a candy fan? Peppermint tea will do!


The travelers candy, or so it's labeled. I actually get really car sick, and airplane sick, and well anything-that-moves-when-I'm-not-the-one-moving-it sick. I once found these at my favorite deli (shout out to 5th Avenue Deli in Carmel-by-the-Sea) and scooped some up because I get a little tired of peppermints while traveling. Now let me tell you, they are potent. If you aren't a fan of raw ginger that knocks your socks off, then these probably aren't for you, but they do ease any tummy troubles. I found that for morning sickness they worked half of the time, only because you never know by the day what is going to bother you. Some days the consistency of the chews and potency of either chew or hard candy were too much and actually made me gag; other days, all I had to do was suck on it for 2 minutes and I was good to go for days.  So, consume at your own risk, but it's worth a shot. 

Lip Smackers

Okay, let me explain. You're sense of smell is probably your worse enemy at this point.  When I was working I could smell everything about everyone that came in! If they had been drinking in the past 24 hours, body odor, really bad perfume, if they had animals, and other really gross stuff. When you're cinching waistlines, showing clients what a properly fitted garment looks like, or doing someone's makeup - you're really close to people - and it can get ugly. So I purchased some really fruity flavored Lip Smackers. They're mostly fragrant, so when a smell offended me I would slather it on and all I could smell was Strawberry Starburst - or whatever variety tickles your fancy.  If it was really bad, I would actually put it under my nose.  You could probably achieve this using essential oils like tangerine, lavender, etc. but I found this was a less conspicuous way.  No one questions when you put on chapstick, busting out some oil may be a different story. Feel free to interpret this into something you love the smell of, but don't choose something you "really" love, because you may never want to use it again after this is over.

Seltzer Water, Ginger Ale & Full Fat Flat Coke

I think this one is pretty self explanatory, well the first two.  Again, the less sugar the better. I always found that a good lemon seltzer helped because it was flavored but not sweet, or a natural Ginger Ale that's really gingery - since that's the kicker, oh, and those bubbles work magic. Now, FFFC is the opposite. I learned this from a sweet British lady at a NASCAR Charity event where I was looking a little green and needed help fast. By full fat, she just meant not Diet or Zero versions, and flat - well it's hard to find flat coke, but if you transfer it back and forth between two cups for say, 5 minutes, the carbonation dissipates. You can find Cola Syrup at some pharmacies, but if you're anywhere near a vending machine and in a pinch - you can find relief, with a little work. I don't know why its been a prescribed remedy for ages, all I know is it worked, but if you want to, Google your heart out.

Okay, okay, you can use Saltines, or any other plain cracker variety - I'm just partial to Saltine Goldfish because they're cute, I mean, not messy.  If you keep a little Ziploc with you at all times, you can munch a few when you feel yucky - particularly by your bed.  I would wake up at 4am sometimes and feel it coming on, and eat a few and go back to sleep.  For whatever reason, it made life a lot easier when I woke up for work. I found it passed much quicker without escalating to the point of running for the toilet.

As tough as it may be, remember, it will pass - and you're creating a precious little life, that always makes it bearable! :)

*I'm sure you're aware, but in severe cases of morning sickness (Hypermesis Gravidarum) by pass these and contact your doctor, as persistent vomiting can be serious, causing weight loss, dehydration and lack of nutrients to your wee one. 

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