Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ditch Dark Circles! Rested or Not!

As if I didn't already have dark circles, this past week of me and then my little one and then my husband being sick has definitely made me a top contender. However, much to my complete surprise, during a recent outing someone actually complimented me on always looking well rested and wanted to know my recommendations to combat dark circles. I was shocked, was she looking hard enough? I mean, I can FEEL the skin under my eyes loudly protesting their lack of sleep. And then before I could think my mouth was spouting off a list. 

First, a few things about under eye concealer:
  • The creamier the better. Many make the mistake of choosing a cake concealer which is often too dry for our sensitive under eye area, something lighter won't creep into fine lines. 
  • While I'm WAY into contouring when it's necessary, most of us don't need to go all Kim K for a trip to the grocery - so only apply where the actual dark circle is.  Pat with your ring finger or a brush right in the semi-circle from your inner eye towards your cheek bone, then blend the edges around the rest of your eye. 
  • If you wear foundation, apply concealer AFTER, then set with powder.
  • Contrast is key - to cancel out blue or purple hues that cause dark circles, choose yellow or peachy tones.
  • Make sure your eye cream has set in before applying. Often times our moisturizer hasn't had time to do it's job, so when you combine the two it seems to just slide right off. In a hurry? Apply your eye cream at night or choose a gel based formula. (Puffy? Vitamin C and Caffeine based formulas will help, or pop some spoons in the freezer).

MAC Select Moisturecover

My all time favorite! This concealer has a moisturizing, luxe finish that glides on smooth and stays in place all day, never settling in creases. With added warmth (choose a NW hue, not NC), it cancels out any trace of a circle and it blends perfectly. I find that this formula is also enough coverage for blemishes without being too "peachy" and works as a great eye shadow primer.

Bobbi Brown Corrector
This gel-like formula glides on easily for a flawless, super long-lasting finish paired with conditioning vitamins to nourish your delicate under eye area. Again, this is a corrector, so it's made to kick dark circles to the curb, but it may not be the best multi-tasker for blemishes, redness, or matching your skin tone. If that's what you want, Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer will do the trick with a great amount of coverage, but without highlighting fine lines. Need both? You're in luck, they come in a cute little duo so you're prepared no matter how sleepless your night.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat

Marketed as an "illuminating concealer" this product will definitely help you look bright-eyed (and maybe bushy tailed). It's radiant, velvety formula combats fatigued skin, and you can layer for your specific amount of coverage without ever looking heavy. I love the clicky-pen applicator, and the fact that it doubles as a highlighter - so throw a little below the brow or above the top lip.

(Drugstore Option) L'Oreal Paris True Match Concealer

This lightweight, yet creamy product is super easy to apply and blends seamlessly in seconds. With so many color options, you can bet on finding a great match for your skin tone and texture, paired with a good amount of dark circle coverage that doesn't creep or seep.

Hopefully, no matter what you face, how bad you feel or how much sleep you do or don't get - you'll be able to ditch those dark circles and look rested and rejuvenated. All done with your makeup? Spritz your face with toner/spray lotion/setting spray to help your make up stay put all day and keep that concealer looking fresh.

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