Tuesday, February 5, 2013

California, Baby!

Being that I am an admitted beauty product junkie, it definitely transfers over when it comes to shopping for my baby. I used to wander down the aisles of BuyBuyBaby or Target all googly-eyed with so many glorious options - but soon, I started feeling like Goldilocks. Or maybe her edgier, more sarcastic, brunette sister. "This one's not worth the money, this ones smells God-awful, this one has a novel-length ingredient list, that one... well, NO". Trust me, I've tried SO many baby shampoos, lotions, bath soaks, oils, and there are a few among them that I found "just right", and some definite "Oh my, I love it!" But then I revert back to Goldilock's hippie, granola-loving cousin and start fretting over what's best for my baby, the environment... world peace. So between my own personal preference and a little research on health, economic and social standards combined, this is my ultimate choice. Of course, another factor - it has NO animal testing, because that is just NOT okay in my world for the sake of luxury.

This product line is so delectable that I'm pretty sure the bulk of it is used on me instead of my son. Developed by a former French fashion designer, turned eco-fanatic Mommy who was frustrated with the lengthy list of unpronounceable ingredients found in baby products, California Baby was born. The anxiety of submerging precious, vulnerable skin in such crud sent her into a tail-spin, so she went into action. She spent years cold-calling chemist's and turning her kitchen into a lab. Finally in 1995, she released one product, Calming Shampoo & Body Wash which proved to be so successful, not only in Pediatrician and Dermatologist offices, but in big box stores like Target - it was enough to launch an entire 50+ product brand. 

This woman was bound and determined and I love to make choices like this because you know it comes from a place of passion, instead of profit. CB products are all toxin-free, NO DEA, sulfates, dyes, numbing agents, or allergy triggering ingredients for babies or adults like synthetic fragrance, dairy, soy, peanuts or gluten. They adhere to strict standards, are CA Prop 65 Compliant, which means no carcinogens like Dioxane 1, 2, 3, 4 or phthalates. If you're like me, reading all of that makes me sick considering most products do contain that junk, and I can definitely get on board with products that don't.  

Outside of all of that technical stuff, this stuff smells absolutely amazing. All of it. It's fresh, relaxing (or invigorating, depending on your choice) and cleanses/moisturizes/detangles/protects like a champ. They have an extensive line of goodies, from eczema needs, sensitive skin, overtired and cranky babies (and Mommies), the list goes on. But if you want to start with only one, the original Calming Shampoo & Body Wash will never steer you wrong. And the bigger bottle you buy, the more you save (yes, please!) Then you can get into the bubble bath, massage oils, spritzers (for you and home), diaper cream, hand wash, SPF, etc. And don't think you won't. Especially with frequent sales and bundle pricing through their online boutique! 

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