Monday, January 21, 2013

Cray-Cray for Coconut Oil!

Do you have a jar of Coconut Oil in your home? If not, I'm about to convince you (hopefully) to add it to your grocery list. Only PURE, UNREFINED need apply! 

This slightly fragrant, jack-of-all trades oil is a anti-bacterial-fungal-inflammatory-microbial-parasitic-viral wonder that can fight infection, is nontoxic, causes no side effects AND is packed with saturated fatty acids and vitamin E..... Yes, really. Not only is it excellent to cook with, but if you're looking for household remedies and beauty regimens, look no further. I'll list out simple ways to incorporate it in your daily routines for both beauty and baby - which also cuts out cost for many other products.  Now, I'm all in favor of new products, but in this day and age, (especially with a baby) who doesn't want that perfect product on hand that does it all? 


- Works as a moisturizing eye make-up remover, rub it on, gently wipe it off and use face wash to rinse of residue. It also acts as an eye lash strengthener.
-Mascara wand cleaner - did I mention anti-fungal?
-Wonderful winter moisturizer, or any season for dry skin! Melt it in your hands and massage, you can even whip it in your mixer to make it nice and fluffy. 
-Mix with nutmeg and apply to blemishes.
-New ink? Helps with healing.
-Smoothes fine lines, refines pores and fades age spots - all you need is a light, night time layer!
-If waxing at home, coconut oil removes excess wax from your skin or surfaces.
-Excellent lip balm, you can even look up recipes to concoct your own fabulous, signature balm! Did someone say great present idea?
-Perfect cuticle oil and hangnail preventative.
-Scalp treatment for dandruff or a fabulous conditioning mask/hot oil treatment to prevent breakage. Work it into scalp or all over, cover with a shower cap, wrap in a really warm towel, in 15 minutes shampoo as normal - voila!
-Coconut Oil + Sugar - Body Scrub
-Hey Men! Coconut Oil works as a great pre-shave oil, or helps heal skin after shaving, great for razor burn, without clogging pores!


-No need to spend too much on expensive, fancy belly butter, slather it on and say buh-bye to stretch marks! 
-Useful for perennial massage (starting in your 7th or 8th month).

Baby -
-Cradle Cap? Lightly rub 1 tbsp into your little one's scalp, let it set from 15 minutes to a few hours (the longer the better) while covered with a cap. During bath time, apply shampoo, use a fine bristle brush or comb to loosen flakes and rinse them away. You may need to repeat depending on the severity.  Works like a charm.
-Barrier for diaper irritation, especially in those first few days when meconium is really sticky!
-Lubricant for baby massage. Melt oil into finger tips and give baby a gentle massage to relax before bedtime, aid digestion, or help lengthen muscles for wee ones with torticollis.
-Soothes any number of scrapes, knicks and minor irritations.
-If your baby has eczema or other dairy/allergy related skin issues, apply to affected area to help control and reduce symptoms.
-Nursing can be a conduit for yeast infections and thrush, apply oil to infected areas.
-On that note, nipple cream! Provides relief for cracked, sore or dry nipples.
-Can be used to create homemade infant formula or added to homemade baby food for additional calories and flavor (ONLY after consulting your pediatrician).

Dogs (I couldn't leave my "other" babies out!):

-Adding a spoonful to your dogs food can help with arthritic joints and digestion issues.
-Useful as a topical, non-toxic flea allergy treatment.
-Helps with icky doggy breath!
-Doggy Pantene - sleek and glossy coats, with less of that canine smell! Bow-wowwwww!

I'm sure I only listed about HALF of the many ways Coconut Oil can be used! It really is an incredibly versatile and beneficial product (feel free to research the topic!) that goes much more in-depth! Simply put, it doesn't cost much and covers MANY bases! Now, go get yourself a jar!!!


  1. im addicted to it. LOVE cooking with it (makes the BEST coconut millet granola) and doubles as my favorite hand moisturizer. great post. xo

  2. Thanks so much for the tips on using coconut oil. I would of never guessed it helped with bad doggie breath. Coconut oil is deffinately on my shopping list for this week.

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